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Do you offer refunds?

Yes. Please contact us or see somebody at the check-in table at the event.

Is there childcare available at the event?

Unfortunately no. But we will have a cry room for nursing mothers which will be located in the main lobby.

If I have small children that I can’t find care for during this event is it fine to just bring them into the main auditorium?

Unfortunately no. Each seat is reserved for guests of the conference. We ask that you do all you can to find care for your kids outside of the event.

Does this event have any hotels connected to it which offer discounts?

No, that is not available at this time.

Will you be podcasting this so that those who could not make the event can listen to it later?

Unfortunately no. In hopes to honor the speakers’ content and those who are attending the event, we will not be podcasting it and making it available later. But do continue to check our website for updates and upcoming family conferences near you.